About TownsendTek

Laura Townsend



Laura has consulted, provided custom software training and developed MS-Word solutions to law firms for over 20 years.

Her specialty is teaching MS-Word to legal professionals so they can swiftly get their documents out the door, and stay on-top of court and filing schedules.


Maximize Returns on Investment

Laura develops solutions, that save time, are easy to use, and solve formatting challenges legal professionals face.

These solutions work with popular apps law firms use, such as MS Office Suite, iManage, OpenText, Worldox and NetDocs.

Fully Customizable

Laura is the creator of Kwikdocs, a comprehensive software package that works from within MS Word to simplify the formatting of complex legal documents.

Each law firm's unique needs are handled by additional custom templates and macros included with KwikDocs.

California Legal Professionals

Having problems finding software that handles California court filing and legal requirements?

Look for Laura's custom developed MS-Word solutions