System Requirements

Kwik Docs, Kwik Numbering and Kwik Cleaning

Minimum RequirementsRecommended
AMD 2500 or
Intel Core i3 and above
AMD 3000 and above
Intel Core i5 and above
Windows 7, 8Windows 10
Microsoft Word 2010 (stand-alone)Office 2012, Office 2016, Office 365
Microsoft PDF PrinterMicrosoft PDF Printer (comes pre-installed with Windows*)
NET Framework 3.5 (comes pre-installed with Windows)NET Framework 3.5 (comes pre-installed with Windows)
1024 x 740 resolution2048 x 1480 resolution

Information for usage of KwikDocs on Windows Servers, Windows Citrix:

  • Kwik Add-ins use Microsoft PDF Printer, this is pre-installed with Windows 7, 8, 10.
  • If you are using Windows Server, or Citrix, you must install the Desktop Experience package.

  • Kwik Add-ins use NET 3.5. If you are using a custom installation of Windows, such as a stripped-down version of Windows for custom or enterprise deployment, you must install NET 3.5 on your Windows server.
  • Kwik Add-ins use 1024 x 740 resolution. If you are using a laptop lower than 600px, you must inform the user to use keyboard Alt+Space > Move menu to move the windows upper or lower or into view.

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